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Thursday, November 3, 2011 | 5:18 AM | 0 wink
Yes! FINALLY, our exam pass! I drawn by myself. He is our enemy! Wow.. going to explode now! When i remember how he ask me to throw away the sweet! Ish! damn hate him! face like my dung. No,no, I should say my DUNG is prettier. (: Damn yong sui one! he really rude to me and make me blow my top! something li "OI! THROW AWAY EH!" WITHOUT ANY MANNERS. sO, i DO BACK TO HIM TOO. I scold back hin "FLAH". Then he look at me. Yes! Its time to make him see red! lalala~ damn sausage lips, pimples face! Oh, for get to mention his name he called Lousy Youth Zoo.

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