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Monday, November 4, 2013 | 9:34 PM | 0 wink
Hey! w** don't thought yourself the biggest kay? You thought I dunno what you've wrote? Before you write it, you should think properly that's whose FAULT? I'm now totally ON FIRE! But you? Just saying those 风凉话? I just couldn't believe that you've done this to me. Don't be too OVERCONFIDENT of yourself. What you've done, is not always the right one! THROW THINGS WHEN I'M ANGRY? That's a NORMAL human's behaviour. You can just don't look at it. Up to me, That's my hand, NOT YOURS! Everyone have their mood. What if the situation happened to me, turns to you? You will react with the same behaviour! That's how a sister should behave?! You really disappoint me. Just that I respect you, I doesn't speak a word out to scold you. I think for others, they may follow with a SLAP. You just couldn't take it easily as I could. Well,, SPEECHLESS for your attitude. No comment.

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